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  • Yucatan Pymexporta Center is a one-stop destination for trade and investment opportunities
  • We assist you whit all business opportunities from start to finish
  • We provide trade partners & suppliers intelligence services
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Trade Directory of Yucatan

It aims to be a tool to help promote the products of companies Yucatan in international markets and establish itself as a catalog that grows year by year in number of companies and information, to establish itself as the state instrument that gives companies Yucatan understanding which products to offer the world.Its strategy is based on promotion to publicize it through: visits of buyers and business agendas in Yucatecan territory, participation in promotional events (such as trade fairs and missions) and sent to Chambers and Trade Offices, among others.

Importer´s Guide Yucatan

The State of Yucatan has initiated this new century becoming the financial, business, academic, cultural, medical, industrial and most important trade center in the southeast of Mexico. Yucatan offers a high degree of safety and quality of life for all the population, and also innumerable opportunities for investment and growth in all economic sectors.

Investor´s Guide Yucatan

Its geographic position is privileged because it allows having access to the Golf of Mexico and is situated in front of the Southern Coast of the USA. Its position is that advantageous that the most important cities of Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi are reachable in approximately 90 to 120 minutes of flight from the international airport of Merida. Also, Peninsula of Yucatan is the point of contact to the islands of the Caribbean and the Central American countries.




Secretaría de Fomento Económico, +52 999 930 37 30 Calle 59 No. 514 entre 62 y 64 Colonia Centro.
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